About Us

Founded in 2004, WorldWide Medical Products, Inc. (WWMP) views itself as a technologically advanced, quality-driven provider of essential laboratory wares and services to the scientific community. Our mission simply is to provide our clients with the best laboratory products available on the market. We intend to do this by utilizing our unique comprehension and understanding of the research & development market to directly help each of our clients, all while maintaining our ability to quickly respond and adapt to your needs.

As WWMP has grown, we have encountered a problem that stands to significantly impact our environment in a negative way. Our products are not being recycled, and consequently being dumped directly into landfills. Actually, recent data suggested that merely 12% of all life science laboratory plastics are being recycled. We believe a large contributor to that number is your empty polypropylene tip rack and lid once the tips have been used. These racks then fill our trashcans, dumpsters, and unfortunately landfills. Polypropylene does not naturally decompose, and most laboratories are not giving them a chance to be recycled.

At WWMP, we believe “Our Future is Green.” In conjunction with that belief we have initiated the first in-house recycling program for laboratory plastics distributors. This recycling program is designed to immediately aid in the efforts to bring recycling into the laboratory environment.

World Wide Medical Products is certain this program will help everyone do their part to become increasingly environmentally friendly. If there has been one positive trend that has come about from rising fuel costs , it's that people like you and I are re-evaluating our life, eliminating waste, recycling where possible and embracing the environment.