WorldWide Medical Products, Inc. believes that our recycling program will bring many benefits to the consumers and the environment. In the past pipette tips were supplied loose which was easier to use, however due to sterility issues and time demands, racked tips were introduced to provide a convenient, sterile and ready to use option. However, once the tips have been used there is no use for the racks and the plastic material will not degrade over time.

Today, only 12% of laboratory plastics are being recycled, which mean 88% are being placed in to landfills. There is a wide range of second use markets, for recycled polypropylene. If we begin to recycle all polypropylene materials it will help avoid landfill taxes and other waste disposal charges. This program will also help the environment and minimize the impact of the growing waste from tip packaging.

       Time Saved?

  • Eliminate tip racks from entering dumpsters and being sent to landfills.
  • Avoid having to pay outside companies to pick up tip racks and lids.
  • Helps companies become increasingly environmentally friendly.

        What Regrind Produces?

  • Automobile applications
  • Storage Bins
  • Shipping Pallets
  • Trays