Recycling Bin

Upon your acceptance into our recycling program, WorldWide Medical Products, Inc. (WWMP) will be placing a “Tip Rack Recycling Station” into your lab or adjacent hallway. This box can be filled with both empty tip racks and lids. (Sorry, no hazardous substances can be recycled!) We ask you to fill the box and call our number, 866-889-WWMP (9967) or go online to schedule a pick-up. When delivering your next order, our driver will pick up the full recycling boxes, and leave empty boxes to allow the program to continue.

Our recycling program will be free of charge. So please, help give back to the environment by disposing all your polypropylene empty tip racks and lids into our “Tip Rack Recycling Centers.”

WWMP will be tracking your progress on This site will be available to see how much you have been able to recycle compared to other laboratories in your area, and nation wide.

       Quick 5 Step Program Recap

  1. Speak with your local representative or call 866-889-WWMP (9967) to join Labs Go Green Recycling Program.
  2. During our next WWMP delivery, we will drop off five recycling stations for empty tip racks and lids.
  3. Install Tip Rack Recycling Stations in your lab or adjacent hallway.
  4. Recycle Empty Tip Racks and Lids!!
  5. Call 866-889-WWMP (9967) or go online to schedule a pickup of your full tip rack recycling station.